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We care about Human Rights

Document Management Tasmania has been proud employer of Tasmania for nearly 35 years. Although we fake our role as local employer extremely seriously we also understand we leverage global resources and have a responsibility that extends beyond our immediate backyard.



We believe that our success and growth over the years is based on our culture and respect for our people. In 2018 on our culture respect for our people. In 2018 we extended our operation internationally by opening an office in the Philippines. Through the use of technology our international team work seamlessly with our Tasmanian team. We regularly visit all our office both locally and overseas. 

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We care about Our Neighbours

For us, social responsibility spans more than just our own backyard.  In 2016, our Managing Director met with a missionary who was supporting a school in a very remote area of the island of Bali, and thus our “good neighbours” policy was born.


The school is now up and operating, and this comparatively small investment on our part has made a tremendous difference to the lives and the prospects of the village a whole.

We care about Our Planet

Workplace and social equality are core values held by our company.
More specifically the equal and equitable treatment of women in the workforce and in the community. Men's violence against women is a big societal problem and we believe a multi-pronged approach is required to educate and irradiate the problem.



From a business perspective we adopted the White Ribbon workplace accreditation program to sure up our standards in the office and drive the change in male standards in the office and drive the change in male behavior and thought track. The great advantage of workplace change is its easier to mandate than in the community or in the house. So setting the standard at work hopefully means meaningful transition into the home and community. 


We care about Our Planet

Like a good neighbor you need to be there to help when needed. We were privilege to have the equipment to 3D print PDE face masks at very short notice and donate to the medical front like when there was an Australian shortage. 


We care about Our Planet

Christmas is a wonderful time of year but not for everyone. Many Tasmanians find themselves without safe shelter. The women's shelters around Tasmania do such a wonderful job all year, but it is especially hard for mothers and children that find themselves waking up Christmas Day in a shelter, We, along with many other connecting groups supply presets and supplies to all the shelters throughout the state. 


We care about Our Planet

We understand education lies at the heart of effecting community change and as such we are very active in presenting to the community on our journey toward equality and safety for women.


Our enforcement of the White Ribbon program internally is only a part of our strategy. The education process requires exposure and enjoy a profile in the community and under this philosophy we utilise the presenting skills of our Managing Director who is a White Ribbon Ambassador.

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