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DMTAS equips your business with a unique suite of solutions to manage your archival and working physical files. Although the digital revolution is not new, there still remains a lot of physical paper-based transactions occurring. Some due to legislative requirements, some to industry specific regulations and some as the preferred method of managing key documents.

DMTAS is your single source solutions provider for storage, secure management and access to information contained within your physical files. 



Archive assessment subject to industry retention and destruction schedules. Archive cataloguing and indexing. Secure archive document storage.



If you prefer your files completely managed both physically and digitally by us then we can work a hybrid relationship with your IT Department, alternatively manage your content entirely independently.



Mass digitisation of archival documents of all types, materials, and sizes. Embedded OCR for full document control, indexing and AI management.

Digitise on Demand at our secure facility enables random access to your physical files digitally.



Organisations wanting to move their files away from legacy software or simply utilise the ever developing Microsoft 365 ecosystem are often faced with a substantial challenge, that of firstly migrating the files out, but also maintaining the integrity of the file's metadata for governance.



Archive storage, Physical retrieval, Digitise on Demand (providing random access to physical files in digital format).



Incoming mail documents are either rerouted to our secure processing facility or collected for you by us. We catalogue, sort, index, scan, OCR and deliver to whatever system(s) you prefer. 



Records Management (RM)
is a discipline in its own right and often misunderstood. Although equally important for big and small organisations, it is part of the risk management capabilities of your business. DMTas provide RM "as a service" to ensure that your organisation follows statutory and industry regulations in regard to retention, storage, backup and disposal.



Schedule cloud-based backup of your Microsoft 365 ecosystem, covering mail, Teams, One Drive, Sharepoint (to name a few), configured to your specific needs.

Digitising for the Devonport City Council

Whilst Devonport City Council staff were already digitising newer records, they had over 25 years’ worth of building records in storage collecting dust. Retrieving a file required a staff member to go to the store room, search for the relevant document, in most cases photocopy and then call the person in to the Council to collect the document. This took staff away from important duties and meant that fulfilling the request could take several hours.

How did Acrodata solve these problems?  Read more here: DCC Case Study

How Acrodata helped the Department of Health and Human Services

The DHHS faced several challenges in tackling its HR record storage space issues. The HR records were highly sensitive. Existing processes could not be interrupted.  Fast ongoing access was necessary to all files at any time and active files were


continually being modified.  Also, significant additional processing volumes were identified from locations across the state during the course of the project. News of the potential demolition of its existing storage to allow for the Parliament Square Development meant a solution was required quickly.

Read more about Acrodata’s part in this project: DHHS Case Study

Transitioning the Department of Education Tasmania

In August 2013 the Department of Education was storing more than 15,000 hard copy HR files at their Mount Nelson office. This included the files of current department staff as well as former staff less than 75 years of age.

The department was finding that their hard copy records management system made sharing this information within the state wide school network increasingly difficult.

Working with Acrodata, the increasingly difficult became so much easier. 

Read more about how, here: Department of Education Case Study


Lisa Baker

Manager – Information Support Service Department of Education


”The team at Acrodata were fantastic. They collected batches of files regularly and when we needed access to a file that was in their possession, it was prioritised, scanned and transferred to us within minutes.”

Jane Apted

Business Manager Department of Health and Human Services


“The result is more efficient
access to our critical
information and improved
security of that
information, coupled with
a significant reduction in
our storage overheads.”

Rebecca Wilson

Manager Development Services, Devonport City Council


”The team at Acrodata did an excellent job with this project. We are now able to provide a better service to our customers and I also have peace of mind that all our historical building files are backed-up!”

I have been aware of, and used in my professional capacity, the services of Acrodata Pty. Ltd. since 2015 and have the highest regard for their digitising of important historically significant documents.


In 2015, whilst working as the Librarian-in-Charge at the Tasmanian Military Museum, Anglesea Barracks, Hobart, I initiated and coordinated a project funded by the Department of Premier and Cabinet (Tasmania) which enabled the Museum to have multiple World War One private diaries digitised and made available to the general public. The original diaries, held by the Museum, were and are nationally significant objects and as such required very careful handling to avoid loss or damage and maintain manuscript integrity.


With these criteria in mind, I had no hesitation seeking the services of Acrodata Pty. Ltd. to undertake this task, as I knew they were already carrying out specialised digitising services for various government departments and for the Parliament of Tasmania.


Our project resulted in a number of diaries being made available to the general public via the Museum website ( ), thanks in no small part to the services provided by Acrodata. All diaries handled by Acrodata staff during the digitisation process were treated with great care, held securely and returned to us in original condition.

Warwick Lee

Tasmania Military Museum

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