Self Serve Printing and Scanning

In a busy world, sometimes you just want to be in and out with your prints. That's why we've developed a premium Self-Serve Print Hub in the heart of the Hobart CBD.

The process is Simple!


On your first visit we'll set you up with a personal Dot-Card to use with our devices. You can load credit at any time to use at your leisure!


Scanners around the store will verify your card and use credit when you Print, Copy or Scan.


Before you know it you'll be using one of our Photocopiers or Print Terminals like a pro!
And all at an amazing price  (see below)

Printing and Copying  (per side)

A4 Black: $0.10

A4 Colour: $0.50

A3 Black: $0.20

A3 Colour: $1.00

Scanning $1.00  (per page)

All Self-Serve processes require a personal DotCard.
These can be purchased from our staff for $5.00 and come preloaded with $2.00 credit!